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Body Care

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Baby & Children's Products
Beaming Baby
BC1140 Baby Wipes 72wipes £4.40
The Cheeky Panda
BC1150 Bamboo Baby Wipes 64wipes £2.90
BC8090 Nappy Change Cream - Calendula 75ml £6.50
Herbal Remedies
DN1330 Echinaforce Drops 50ml £8.50
BC2147 Aloe 98% Moisturizing Gel 113g £3.60
Faith in Nature
BC1045 Deodorant -Roll On Aloe & Chamomile 50ml £3.80
Green People
BC1128 Aloe Vera & Prebiotics Deodorant 75ml £7.95
BC1050 Deodorant Stick for Men -Unscented 71g £4.20
BC1042 Push Up Deodorant 100g £6.20
Feminine Hygiene
BC1055 Regular Tampons 20's £2.60
BC1060 Super Tampons 20s £2.90
BC1065 Panty Liners 30s £1.65
BC1075 Regular Pads 14's £1.96
BC1085 Super Ultra Pads with Wings 12's £2.19
BC1090 Ultra Pads with Wings (Regular) 14's £2.29
BC1097 Safe to Flush Moist Tissues 30s £1.80
Hair Care
Faith in Nature
BC1100 Aloe Vera Shampoo 400ml £4.49
BC1101 Aloe Vera Shampoo 5litre 5litre £47.80
BC1105 Jojoba Shampoo 400ml £4.49
BC1109 Tea Tree Shampoo 5litre 5litre £49.90
BC1110 Rosemary Shampoo 400ml £4.49
BC1113 Lemon & Tea Tree Shampoo 400ml £4.62
BC1114 Coconut Shampoo 400ml £4.62
BC1115 Seaweed&Citrus Shampoo 400ml £4.49
BC1116 Tea Tree Shampoo 400ml £4.62
BC1117 Lavender&Geranium Shampoo 400ml £4.62
BC1118 Lavender & Geranium Conditioner 400ml £4.62
BC1120 Aloe Vera Conditioner 400ml £4.49
BC1121 Aloe Vera Conditioner 5litre 5litre £47.80
BC1125 Jojoba Conditioner 400ml £4.49


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