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Bread Products

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
The Burley Baker
The Burley Baker
BR1000 Large White Loaf each £2.80
BR1005 Small White Loaf each £2.20
BR1010 Large Wholemeal Loaf each £3.10
BR1015 Small Wholemeal Loaf each £2.40
BR1020 Large Granary Loaf each £3.00
BR1025 Small Granary Loaf each £2.40
BR1030 Honey & Oat Loaf each £3.00
BR1035 Rye Loaf each £3.10
BR1040 Baguette each £1.80
BR1050 White Baps each £0.50
BR1060 Tea Cakes each £0.90
BR1070 Large Sourdough Loaf each £3.40
BR1080 Large Ciabatta Loaf each £2.60
BR1085 Ciabatta Rolls each £0.60
BR1105 Cinnamon Rolls each £0.90
Special Diet Breads
BR1170 Pumpernickel Bread 500g £1.90
BR1412 Spelt Pizza Base (2pk) 300g £3.40
BR2010 Rice Bread SP ORDER ONLY 500g £3.59
Food for Life
FR7350 Brown Rice Tortilla Wraps(6pk) Frozen 340g £2.80
FR7355 Sprouted Corn Tortillas (frozen) 283g £2.80
FR7360 Brown Rice Bread - Gluten Free(Frozen) 680g £4.60
Other Bread Products
BR2080 Soft Tortilla Wraps (6 pack) each £1.90
BR1410 Pizza Bases (2's) 300g £2.69
BR1412 Spelt Pizza Base (2pk) 300g £3.40
BR1095 100% Rye Sourdough Loaf 400g £1.40
BR1115 Malted Raisin Loaf 290g £1.40
BR1125 Sprouted Wheat Bread 400g £1.70
BR1130 Sprouted Wheat & Date Bread 400g £1.90
BR1140 Sprouted Rye Bread 400g £1.70
BR1145 Sprouted Spelt Bread 400g £2.20


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