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SO40 9FX

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Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Breakfast Cereals
CE1585 Everyday Rich Muesli 500g £2.80
CE3000 Very Berry Muesli SP. ORDER ONLY 600g £5.15
CE1700 Wild Berry Crisp Granola Cereal 375g £3.90
Doves Farm
CE1100 Cornflakes (Doves Farm) 325g £2.60
CE1120 Fibre Flakes 375g £3.30
Eat Natural
CE1140 Protein Packed Granola 500g £3.80
CE1145 Super Granola (Buckwheat Seeds & Honey) 425g £3.10
CE1030 Muesli Base 1kg £2.82
CE1230 Muesli Deluxe 1kg £4.62
CE1260 Super Muesli 1kg £4.35
CE1130 Wholegrain Breakfast Puffs (Rice) Cereal 225g £3.00
Nature's Path
CE1615 Millet Rice Flakes 375g £3.30
CE1620 Mesa Sunrise Cereal 300g £4.20
CE1624 'O' s Breakfast Cereal 325g £3.40
Whole Earth
CE1200 Cocoa Crunch Cereal 375g £2.99
CE1215 Red Fruit Crunch 450g £3.60
CE1220 Cornflakes (Whole Earth) 375g £2.50
Cereal Flakes
CE1270 Gluten Free Porridge Oats(Amisa brand) 325g £2.60
CE1012 Jumbo Oats (1kg) 1kg £2.52
CE1013 Jumbo Oats (5kg) 5kg £10.64
CE1030 Muesli Base 1kg £2.82
CE1036 Rolled Oats 1kg Pack 1kg £2.52
CE1040 Rolled Oats 5kg size 5kg £10.64
CE1046 Brown Rice Flakes 450g £3.30
CE1155 Wheat Bran 250g £0.80
CE1160 Medium Oatmeal 500g £1.35
CE1265 Gluten Free Oats 400g £1.98
CE1400 Quinoa Flakes 500g £5.56
CE1425 Buckwheat Flakes 500g £2.85
Just Natural Organic
CE1000 Oats- Steel Cut 500g £1.90


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