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Christmas Free-Range Meat

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Free-Range Birds
ME1240 Free Range Chicken 1.5kg - 2.5kg kg £5.66
ME1700 Free Range Duck(1.8k-3kg)PRE-ORDER kg £6.00
ME1701 Free Range Duck Breasts-(boneless) kg £18.85
ME1608 Turkey Free Range-white (4-10kg) kg £10.90
ME1611 Turkey Breast Boneless/rolled(1-3kg) kg £20.00
ME1612 Turkey Crown Free Range White (3kg-4kg) kg £15.80
ME1613 Turkey Drumstick kg £10.00
ME1614 Turkey Thigh per kg £22.80
Chipolatas and Sausagemeat
ME8015 PremiumPork Chipolatas(10s)GlutenFree per kg £9.00
ME8016 Farmhouse Pork Cocktail Sausage(20s) per kg £9.60
ME8017 Farmhouse Pork Pigs In Blankets (12s) per kg £10.50
ME8057 Pork & Cranberry Chipolatas (10) 10 £9.60
ME9015 Farmhouse Pork Chipolatas(10pk) kg £8.00
ME8050 FarmhousePork Sausagemeat (454g pk) each £2.80
ME8051 Sausagemeat GLUTEN FREE (454g Pack) Froz each £3.80
ME8055 Farmhouse Sage & Onion Sausagemeat 454g each £2.80
ME8056 Pork&Cranberry&Sausagemeat (454g pk) each £3.20
Gammons and Bacon
ME1710 Streaky BaconUnsmoked-FreeRange 8s) kg £9.20
ME1715 Back Bacon Unsmoked-Free Range(6s) per kg £12.00
ME1720 Streaky Bacon Smoked(Free Range (8s) per kg £13.20
ME1725 Back Bacon Smoked-Free Range (6s) kg £13.30
ME9800 Artisan Sliced (Unsmoked) Ham 250g £3.65
ME9810 Artisan Sliced (Smoked) Ham 250g £3.80
ME1751 Gammon Joint Unsmoked Boneless(min 1kg) kg £8.70
ME1755 Gammon Joint Smoked Boneless(min 1kg) kg £9.00


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