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Convenience Foods

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Canned and Bottled Foods
CO1250 Medium Chilli - Tinned 416g £2.40
CO1270 Lentil Vegetable Soup 400g £1.80
CO1275 Hearty French Country Soup 408g £2.10
CN1110 Coconut Milk (400ml) 400ml £1.80
CO1080 Aduki Beans Tinned 400g £1.10
CO1082 Cannelini Beans Tinned 400g £1.10
CO1083 Lentils Vert - Puy Tinned 400g £0.99
CO1084 Black Beans Tinned 400g £0.99
CO1085 BlackEye Beans Tinned 400g £1.20
CO1087 Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 420g £1.10
CO1089 Chilli Beans Tinned 395g £1.20
CO1090 Butter Beans Tinned 400g £1.10
CO1095 Green Lentils - Tinned 400g £1.10
CO1100 Mixed Beans Tinned 400g £1.10
CO1105 Haricot Beans Tinned 400g £0.99
CO1106 Sweetcorn Can 340g £1.50
CO1115 Chick Peas Tinned 400g £0.90
CO1120 Red Kidney Beans Tinned 400g £1.10
CO1125 Soya Beans (in Jar) 350g £1.20
Geo Organics
CO8000 Bombay Potatoes Tin 400g £1.95
CN1792 SunDriedTomatoesOlive Oil DISCbySUPP 240g £3.67
Mr Organic
CN6000 Passata 690g £1.50
CO5010 Whole Tinned Tomatoes 400g £1.00
CO5011 Chopped Tinned Tomatoes 400g £0.90
CO5035 Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (tinned) 400g £0.99
Whole Earth
CO1135 Baked Beans (Whole Earth brand) 400g £1.19
Convenience Foods Chilled
CO1000 Samosas (4pk vegetarian) 250g £4.40
CO1005 Tofu Spring Rolls (chilled) 220g £3.89
CO1007 Mini Spring Rolls 200g £3.70
CO1020 Houmous - Clives 200g £2.20


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