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Dried & Stored Fruit & Vegetables

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Dried Fruit
Crazy Jack
DF4000 Soft Apricots - Ready to Eat 250g £3.30
DF1011 Dried Apricots 250g 250g £3.90
DF1015 Currants 500g £4.42
DF1022 Dates Pitted 500g £3.45
DF1025 Dried Figs 500g £4.34
DF1026 Mixed Vine Fruit 500g £3.30
DF1027 Crystallised Ginger 125g £2.34
DF1028 Banana Chips 125g £1.15
DF1035 Raisins 500g 500g £2.55
DF1037 Raisins 1kg pack 1kg £4.90
DF1040 Sultanas - 500g 500g £2.55
DF1042 Sultanas 1kg 1kg £4.90
DF1180 Goji Berries 250g Organic 250g £7.25
DF1185 Goji Berries 250g £3.91
DF1200 Dried Cranberries 125g £2.46
DF1240 Mulberries (Dried) 250g £2.31
Just Natural Organic
DF1020 Dates Pitted 500g £2.90
DF1032 Prunes Pitted 500g £5.40
DF1260 Golden Berries 250g £2.90
DF3010 Dried Apricots 500g 500g £3.90
La Bio Idea
DF1090 Orange Peel Candied 100g £1.96
DF1095 Lemon Peel Candied 100g £1.96
Tropical Wholefoods
DF1070 Mango Slices 100g £2.00
Tinned Fruit
DF1145 Pineapple Pieces (in fruit juice) 425g £2.19
DF1165 Jack Fruit Pieces - Tinned 400g £2.99
DF1155 Tropical Fruit Chunks (tinned) 400g £1.69
DF1157 Mango Chuks in Juice (tinned) 400g £1.69
Sweetened Fruit & Vegetables
DF1057 Stem Ginger in Syrup 330g £5.99
DF1027 Crystallised Ginger 125g £2.34


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