Sunnyfields Organic Farms Ltd
Jacobs Gutter Lane
SO40 9FX

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Code Description Pack Price Quantity
DR3670 Kombucha - Apple Crisp Can 250ml £1.75
Whole Earth
DR1800 Ginger Beer Can 330ml £1.30
DR1820 Lemonade 330ml £1.30
DR1830 Cola Can 330ml £1.30
DR1845 Elderflower Sparkling Can 330ml £1.30
DR1362 Red Grape Juice 750ml £3.30
Biona (in glass bottles)
DR2135 Pomegranate Pure Juice 1 litre £4.80
DR2140 Red Grape Juice 1 Litre £4.25
DR2150 Tomato Juice 1litre £3.30
DR2170 Tart Cherry Juice 1 litre £4.70
DR3100 Cranberry Juice 750ml £8.10
DR3120 Cranberry Juice 330ml £4.94
DR1070 Cold Pressed Valencia Orange Juice 1 litre £3.90
DR1080 Mean Greens Juice 250ml £1.80
Hill Farm Juice
DR1015 Cox & Bramley Apple Juice 750ml £2.40
DR1016 Apple Juice with Elderflower 750ml £2.40
DR1017 Cox & Bramley Apple Juice small 250ml £1.25
DR1018 Cloudy Apple Juice 750ml £2.40
DR1020 Ashmead's Kernel Apple Juice 750ml £2.40
DR1024 Apple Juice wth Ginger Small 250ml £1.25
DR1029 Apple Juice wth Ginger 750ml £2.40
James White (in glass bottles)
DR1090 Vegetable Juice 750ml £2.95
DR2205 Beet It - Beetroot Juice 750ml £2.95
DR2215 Pear Juice 750ml £2.95
DR2220 Carrot Juice 750ml £2.50
DR2230 Carrot & Apple Juice 750ml £2.95
DR2235 Raspberry & Pear Juice 750ml £3.20
DR2240 Apple & Crushed Ginger Juice 750ml £2.95
Oakwood Farm (in glass bottles)
DR1005 Cox Apple Juice Blend 1ltr £3.35
DR1006 Fiesta Apple Juice 1ltr £3.35


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