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Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Tinned Fish
Fish 4 Ever
FH1110 Yellow Tuna Fish(in Olive oil)canned 120g £2.95
FH1130 Sardines Whole (in Sunflower Oil) 120g £2.25
FH1140 MackerelFillets(insunflower oil) 120g £1.85
FH1170 Skipjack Tuna Chunks in Brine 160g £1.85
FH1180 Tinned Wild Salmon in Brine 160g £4.25
La Brujula
FH1230 Sardines in Olive Oil (16 - 20s) 115g £3.80
Ortiz (in olive oil)
FH1200 Bonito White Tuna (112g) 112g £3.45
FH1210 Bonito White Tuna (250g) 250g £6.45
FH1220 Yellow Fin Tuna 112g £2.80
FH1240 Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil 47.5g £3.95
Frozen Fish
FH4020 Salmon with Lemon & Dill Fishcakes 230g £3.95
FH4040 Haddock , Leek & Cheese Fishcakes 230g £3.95
FH4060 Salmon Wellington 2*205g £4.20
FH4080 Haddock Bakes 350g £3.99
FH4090 Boneless Haddock Fillets in Breadcrumbs 2*135g £3.90
FH4130 Chunky Haddock Fillets - approx 350g pks per kg £12.60
FH4190 Deluxe Cod Fillet Fingers (4 large) 480g £5.40
FH4200 Cod Fillets in White Wine Sauce 400g £4.20
Hampshire Trout
FH2010 Whole Hampshire Rainbow Trout (frozen) kg £8.46
Fresh Fish
FH6000 Colonial Fishcakes 4pk 320g £5.99
FH6020 Mac 'n' Beet Fishcakes 4 pack 320g £5.99
FH6090 Tantalising Tartare Sauce (fresh-chilled 125g £1.90
Chalk Stream Foods
FH2010 Whole Hampshire Rainbow Trout (frozen) kg £8.46
FH2015 Whole Hampshire Rainbow Trout (fresh) kg £8.46
FH2040 Hot Smoked Trout Fillets -125g pack each £4.99
FH2060 Cold Smoked Trout Fillets (100g pk) each £4.99
FH2080 Smoked Trout Pate 100g £3.40


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