Sunnyfields Organic Farms Ltd
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SO40 9FX

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Fruit & Vegetables

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Alliums & Legumes
NO11 Onions White kg £1.14
NO11PK Onions Pickling ( small) kg £1.26
NO11PN Onions Pickling ( small) 5kg net each £5.90
NO11SP Onions Spanish kg £2.10
NO14 Onions Red kg £2.00
NO28 Leeks kg £2.96
NO35 Garlic per each £0.46
NO35N Garlic Dried - 3pk each £1.40
NO60 Garden Peas (in pods) kg £5.08
NO86 Spring Onions - Bunched each £0.68
VE11 Onions White kg £2.28
VE14 Onions Red kg £3.70
VE35 Garlic Dried kg £10.70
VS28B Leeks - Bunched each £1.90
VS56 French Beans kg £5.80
VS57 Beans Runner kg £4.80
VS62 Broad Beans kg £2.90
VS62P Broad Beans 2kg Bag each £4.00
VS62TP Broad Bean Tops- 150g Pack each £1.40
Brassicas & Green Veggies
NO25 Cauliflower each £1.44
NO29 Broccoli kg £3.80
NO48 Cabbage Savoy each £1.68
NO49 White Cabbage kg £1.76
NO51 Red Cabbage kg £2.10
VE49 Cabbage White kg £2.10
VE51 Cabbage Red kg £2.10
VS187 Purple Sprouting Broccoli 300g Pk each £2.40
VS29 Broccoli kg £4.50
VS44 Cavolo Nero Cabbage - 300g Pack each £1.90
VS44L Cavolo Nero kg £4.80


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