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SO40 9FX

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Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Woodland Horticulture
COMP Multipurpose Compost 60litre 60ltre £4.90
Garden Supports
Abel Willow
GA5020 Large Conical Willow Support each £28.80
GA5040 Small Conical Willow Support each £19.20
GA5060 Willow Cylinder Planter each £19.20
GA5080 Willow Fan Climber each £19.20
GA5090 Willow Hurdle each £19.20
Coppice Products
GA3030 Tree Stake (single stake) each £2.40
Pondhead Conservation
GA2030 Bean Pole Bundle (11s) each £11.99
Hardy Perrenials
FWS1 Perennial Shrub 1 litre Pot each £2.99
FWS1S Perennial Shrub 3 *1 litre Pots each £8.00
FWS3 Perennial Shrub 3 litre Pot each £7.99
FWS3S Perennial Shrub 3 *3 litre Pots each £20.00
HERBB Herb Pot - Bay Leaf each £3.99
HERBB Herb Pot - Bay Leaf each £3.99
HERBL Herb Pot -Large each £11.99
HERBLS Herb Pot -Large Strawberry each £9.99
HERBM Herb Pot -Medium each £2.99
HERBS Herb Pot -Small each £1.49
Vegetable Seedlings
VSVEGB Broad Bean Seedlings Pot each £1.49


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