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Gift Ideas

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Books & DVDs
BK2000 Tractor Ted in the Springtime DVD Each £3.90
BK2001 Tractor Ted in the Summertime DVD Each £3.90
BK2002 Tractor Ted in Autumn Time DVD Each £3.90
BK2003 Tractor Ted in Wintertime DVD Each £3.90
BK2004 Tractor Ted meets the Animals DVD Each £3.90
BK2005 Tractor Ted makes Bread DVD Each £3.90
BK2007 Tractor Ted goes Milking DVD Each £3.90
BK2008 Tractor Ted visits an Organic Farm DVD Each £3.90
BK2009 Tractor Ted - Showtime DVD Each £3.90
BK2010 Tractor Ted - Meets Baby Animals DVD Each £3.90
BK2011 Tractor Ted and Big Machines-DVD Each £3.90
BK2012 Tractor Ted All About Tractors DVD Each £3.90
BK2013 Tractor Ted - Diggers & Dumpers DVD Each £3.90
BK2014 Book - Tractor Ted meets the Animals Each £4.20
BK2015 Book - Tractor Ted in the Autumntime Each £4.20
BK2016 Book - Tractor Ted in the Wintertime Each £4.20
BK2018 Book - Tractor Ted in the Summer Time Each £4.20
Real Jam & Chutney Company
CN8000 Spiced Apple Chutney 340g £3.80
CN8020 Crunchy Piccalilli Chutney 285g £3.80
SP3020 Tutti Frutti Jam 340g £3.80
SP3040 Raspberry Jam 340g £3.80
SP3080 Seville Orange Marmalade 340g £3.80
SP3090 St Clements Marmalade 340g £3.80
Sprouting Jars
HO1150 Seed Germinator Jar each £4.40
HO1155 Mini Greenhouse Seed Germinator each £15.35
Bowman Ales
WB7090 Gift Pack of 3 Ales £7.30
Suthwyk Ales
WB8090 Gift pack of 4 Suthwyk Ales 500ml £9.80
New Forest Soaps
BC1270 Gift pack of 2 Soaps 2*85g £7.20


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