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Grains and Seeds

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Artisan Grains
CO2680 Wholegrain Freekeh 200g £1.90
GR1068 Red Quinoa Grain 500g £5.30
GR1002 Amaranth Grain 500g £2.49
GR1092 Wild Rice Mix 500g £3.59
GR1185 White Pudding Rice 500g £1.98
GR1250 Risotto Rice Wholegrain 500g £2.59
GR1006 Brown Rice Short Grain (1kg) 1kg £3.20
GR1010 Brown Rice Short Grain (5kg) 5kg £15.03
GR1021 Brown Rice Long Grain (1kg) 1kg £3.41
GR1025 Brown Rice Long Grain (5kg) 5kg £16.10
GR1032 Basmati Brown Rice (1kg pack) 1kg £3.47
GR1033 Basmati Brown Rice (5kg) 5kg £16.36
GR1035 Buckwheat Groats 500g £1.70
GR1037 Buckwheat Groats 5kg pack SP ORDER ONLY 5kg £11.44
GR1040 Bulghur Wheat 500g £1.47
GR1045 Cous Cous - Wholemeal 450g £1.37
GR1050 Millet Grain (500g pack) 500g £1.65
GR1055 Oat Groats (500g pack) 500g £1.32
GR1060 Pot Barley 500g £1.10
GR1065 Popcorn Grain 500g £1.50
GR1066 Quinoa Grain 450g £3.30
GR1087 Canadian Wild Rice 250g £4.33
GR1200 White Basmati Rice (1kg) 1kg £4.22
GR1205 White Basmati Rice (5kg) 5kg £19.30
GR1255 Arborio White (Risotto) Rice 500g £1.95
Just Natural Organic
GR1031 Basmati Brown Rice (500g) 500g £1.96
GR1075 Spelt Grain 500g £1.70
GR1094 Red Rice 500g £2.15
GR1180 Psyllium Husks 200g £3.98
GR1042 Cous Cous (Gluten Free) 375g £2.15


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