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Household Products

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Laundry Care
Bio D
HO1081 Washing Powder 1kg 1kg £3.95
HO1395 Fabric Conditioner-Juniper 1ltr £2.85
Earth Friendly
HO4000 Ecos Lavender Laundry Liquid(100 washes) 3 litre £12.00
HO4100 Stain & Odour Remover -Lemon pet 500ml £3.98
HO1020 Laundry Liquid 1.5litre 1.5ltr £6.96
HO1021 Laundry Liquid ZERO fragrance free1.5ltr 1.5ltr £11.97
HO1022 15L Laundry Liquid REFILL BOX 15ltr £47.90
HO1032 Ecover 0% Fragrance Fabric Conditioner 1.5litre £3.40
HO1035 Fabric Softener - Apple Blossom & Almond 1.5litre £3.70
HO1036 FabricConditioner-Gardinia&Vanilla750ml 750ml £1.99
HO1055 Laundry Bleach-Chlorine Free 400g £2.17
HO1060 Laundry Liquid 5 litre 5ltr £18.90
HO1073 Laundry Bio Washing Tablets 32tabs £6.65
HO1095 Delicate Laundry Liquid 750ml £3.60
Firelighters & Charcoal
If You Care
HO2060 Firelighters 72s £4.10
Bio D
BC1211 5 litre Pump (for refills) each £3.40
HO3100 Concentrated Washing Up Liquid (Bio D) 750ml £2.10
HO310R Washing Up Liquid (Bio D) 750ml REFILL 750ml £1.80
HO3120 Conc. Washing Up Liquid (Bio D) 15Litre 15litre £29.20
HO312R Washing Up Liquid (Bio D) 5litre REFILL 5litre £9.50
Clear Spring
HO1115 Conc. Washing Up Liquid DISCbySUNNY 500ml £0.00
HO1015 Automatic Rinse Aid 500ml £3.95
HO1016 Dish Washer Tablets 25*20g £5.80
HO1017 All-In-One Dish Washer Tablets 22*20g £6.81
HO1085 Washing-Up Liquid(Chamomile&Clementine) 950ml £2.62
HO1086 Lemon & Aloe Vera Washing-up Liquid950ml 950ml £2.62
HO1087 Lemon&AloeVera Washing-up Liquid5litre 5litre £10.50
HO1088 15L LemonWashingUp Liquid REFILL BOX 15litre £29.40
HO1090 Washing-UpLiquid5L(Chamomile&Clementine) 5ltr £10.50
HO1091 WashingUpLiquidChamomile&Clementine) 15ltr £29.40


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