Sunnyfields Organic Farms Ltd
Jacobs Gutter Lane
SO40 9FX

Telephone 023 8086 1266

Local Products

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Beachcomber Gin
WB1700 Southern Sweet Gin 70cl £36.95
Bowman Ales
WB7000 Quiver Bitter Ale 500ml £2.40
WB7020 Nutz Ale DISC by SUPPLIER 500ml £2.40
WB7040 Wallops Wood Ale 500ml £2.40
WB7060 Swift One Bitter 500ml £2.40
WB7090 Gift Pack of 3 Ales £7.30
Flack Manor Brewery
WB3040 Black Jack Porter Ale 500ml £2.60
WB3045 Flack Catcher Ale 500ml £2.50
WB3050 Flack's Double Drop Real Ale 500ml £2.40
WB3060 Hedge Hop Ale 500ml £2.40
WB3070 Romsey Gold Ale 500ml £2.50
Hill Farm Apple Juice
DR1015 Cox & Bramley Apple Juice 750ml £2.40
DR1016 Apple Juice with Elderflower 750ml £2.40
DR1017 Cox & Bramley Apple Juice small 250ml £1.25
DR1018 Cloudy Apple Juice 750ml £2.40
Itchen Valley Brewery
WB9800 Watercress Best Ale 500ml £2.50
WB9810 Hampshire Rose 500ml £2.40
WB9820 Pride of the Valley Ale 500ml £2.40
WB9850 Gift Pack of 3 Ales each £7.30
New Forest Cider
WB1900 Traditional Farmhouse Cider -330ml 330ml £1.90
WB1905 Traditional Farmhouse Cider 500ml 500ml £2.80
WB1950 Kingston Black Cider 500ml £2.90
New Forest Water
DR1370 Spring Water Still 750ml 750ml £0.95
DR1380 Spring Water Still (500ml) 500ml £0.50
DR1385 Spring Water Sparkling (750ml) 750ml £0.95
Oakwood Juice
DR1005 Cox Apple Juice Blend 1ltr £3.35
DR1006 Fiesta Apple Juice 1ltr £3.35
Suthwyk Ales
WB8020 Liberation Ale 500ml £2.40
WB8040 Old Dick Ale 500ml £2.40
WB8050 Skew - Sunshine Ale 500ml £2.40


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