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Meat - Free Range

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Meat Boxes - Free Range Local NEW
Meat Boxes - Free Range Local NEW
B14BR Box - £14 Breakfast Box(FreeRange Local) each £14.00
B15MA Box - £15 Meat Box (Free Range) Option A each £15.00
B15MB Box - £15 Meat Box (Free Range) Option B each £15.00
B30M Box - £30 Meat Box ( Free Range Local) each £30.00
B50M Box - £50 Meat Box ( Free Range Local) each £50.00
Bacon and Ham
Devon Rose
ME1625 Ham - Slices (cooked) 150g £3.10
ME1627 Turkey Slices (cooked) 100g £2.50
Dingley Dell Pork
ME9800 Artisan Sliced (Unsmoked) Ham 250g £3.65
ME9810 Artisan Sliced (Smoked) Ham 250g £3.80
Sunnyfields Free Range Bacon
ME1710 Streaky BaconUnsmoked-FreeRange 8s) kg £9.20
ME1715 Back Bacon Unsmoked-Free Range(6s) per kg £12.00
ME1720 Streaky Bacon Smoked(Free Range (8s) per kg £13.20
ME1725 Back Bacon Smoked-Free Range (6s) kg £13.30
ME1730 Bacon Pieces Free Range - Unsmoked kg £8.50
ME1735 Bacon Hocks- kg £4.20
ME1740 Bacon Pieces Smoked Free range kg £9.00
ME1745 Bacon Chops Unsmoked - Free Range kg £10.80
ME1750 Gammon Steaks Unsmoked kg £9.80
ME1751 Gammon Joint Unsmoked Boneless(min 1kg) kg £8.70
ME1755 Gammon Joint Smoked Boneless(min 1kg) kg £9.00
Ambrose Sausages
MEAS10 "Woodland" Pork Salami Truffle & Porcini min50g £3.00
MEAS30 CoppaAirDriedPork,BlackPepp.Garli Salami min50g £3.00
Buffalo Meat
Broughton Water Buffalo
ME1800 Buffalo Burgers (4pack) kg £12.24
ME1850 Buffalo Mince 450g pk(approx £5.05each) per kg £11.12
Newhouse Venison
MEVE11 Venison Shanks kg £9.99
MEVEN1 Venison Haunch Boned&Rolled(min1kg) kg £21.99
MEVEN2 Venison Rump Roast kg £21.99
MEVEN3 Venison Rump Steaks kg £21.99
MEVEN4 Venison Prime Fillet Steak kg £51.99
MEVEN5 Venison Diced Stewing Steak kg £12.99


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