Sunnyfields Organic Farms Ltd
Jacobs Gutter Lane
SO40 9FX

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New Products

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
New Fresh Produce
New Produce
NO110 Rhubarb kg £5.26
NO4 New Potatoes kg £2.10
NO54 Kohlrabi per each £1.14
VE105 Apples - Braeburn per each £1.18
New Sunnyfields Produce
FR8235 Frozen Blackberries (400g pack) 400g £3.70
FR8270 Frozen Raspberry Punnet 225g each £2.90
VS13 Potatoes Pink Fir Apple kg £1.90
VS187 Purple Sprouting Broccoli 300g Pk each £2.40
VS19CP Squash - Crown Prince kg £1.80
VS259 Jerusalem Artichokes kg £3.20
VS26 Spinach - 300g pack each £2.20
VS55 Kale Curly Green - 300g Pack each £1.90
VS55R Kale - Red Russian - 300g pack each £1.90
Easter Products
Moo Free
EAST50 Organic Easter Egg & Choccy Drops 125g £3.99
New Forest Chocolates
EAST30 Milk Chocolate Bar with Mini Eggs 100g £2.99
EAST35 Milk Chocolate Bar with EasterEgg Design 100g £2.99
New Products April 19
Body Care
BC8040 Pomegranate Hand Cream 50ml £10.90
DR9030 Hot Ginger Beer 270ml £1.60
Frozen Fruit
FR1780 Acai Berry Frozen Puree (4 pack) 4*100g £4.50
SS1235 Star Anise Dried Spice 15g £1.20
JA1026 Kelp Flakes 60g £4.20
SN1205 Caramelised Onion Flatbreads 150g £1.90
SN1652 Licorice Pieces (Gluten Free) 200g £3.50
DN2500 Alive!Children's Soft Jell Multi-Vitamin 60s £11.99
SU1042 Sweet Tabs of Stevia 200tabs £3.80
New Products Mar 19
Baking Products
FL1400 No Eggy Omelette 250g £4.95
BV1310 Tulsi Clarity Tea 20 bags £2.80
Body Care
BC1097 Safe to Flush Moist Tissues 30s £1.80
BR1520 Plain Naan Bread - 2pack 200g £1.70
Chilled Products
CN1087 Kimchi - Hot & Smokey 410g £4.95


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