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New Products

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
New Fresh Produce
New Produce
NO136S Seville Oranges - Marmalade Making kg £2.20
VE136S Seville Oranges - Marmalade Making kg £4.76
New Sunnyfields Produce
FR8235 Frozen Blackberries (400g pack) 400g £3.70
FR8270 Frozen Raspberry Punnet 225g each £2.90
VS16B Beetroot - Red Bunched each £1.50
VS19CP Squash - Crown Prince kg £1.80
VS259 Jerusalem Artichokes kg £3.20
VS26 Spinach - 300g pack each £2.20
VS27R Chard - Rainbow - 300g pack each £2.20
VS55 Kale Curly Green - 300g Pack each £1.90
VS55R Kale - Red Russian - 300g pack each £1.90
New Products Feb 19
Body Care
BC1121 Aloe Vera Conditioner 5litre 5litre £47.80
BC2000 Environmental Toothbrush - SOFT each £2.80
BC2110 Mango & Papaya Satin Body Wash 887ml £9.80
BC9512 Himalayan Pink Salt for Bathing 1kg £2.90
CE1000 Oats- Steel Cut 500g £1.90
FR1310 Parsnip&Carrot Nut Burgers 320g £2.99
FR1720 Tropical Fruit Mix 300g £3.30
FR7700 Young Jackfruit Pulled 300g £2.30
FR7710 Jackfruit Biriyani 350g £2.80
CN1154 Italian Tomato Puree(Double Concentrate) 130g £1.30
FL1450 Arrowroot 60g £1.60
FL1460 Cream of Tartar 70g £1.80
OL5030 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml) 250ml £3.95
OL5035 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) 500ml £6.90
SP1040 Vegetarian Pate -Classic 200g £2.70
Sweet Snacks
SN1080 Dark Choc. Coconut Oat Biscuits( 160g £2.20
SN2295 Popcorn - Sweet & Salty 80g £1.70
New Products Jan 19
Beans & Pulses
BE1059 Split Fava Beans (dried) 500g £1.70
Body Care
BC1101 Aloe Vera Shampoo 5litre 5litre £47.80


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