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Oils & Fats

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Cold-Pressed Oils
Bio Planete
OL5300 Peanut Oil 250ml £8.99
OL1102 Flax Seed Oil 250ml £5.90
OL1015 Olive Oil - Extra Virgin 500ml 500ml £7.70
OL1020 Toasted Sesame Oil (250ml) 250ml £3.55
OL1045 Sunflower Oil for Frying (500ml) 500ml £3.90
OL1047 Sunflower Oil for Frying (1litre) 1ltr £7.49
OL1050 Sesame Oil Cold Pressed 500ml £6.19
OL1055 Sunflower Oil (500ml) 500ml £3.50
FMD Nutritional Oils
OL1080 Ultimate Oil Blend 250ml 250ml £11.60
OL1081 Ultimate Oil Blend 500ml 500ml £21.40
OL1100 Flaxseed Oil 250ml 250ml £8.05
OL1068 Toasted Sesame Oil 500ml £5.50
Mr Organic
OL5000 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 litre £13.50
OL1110 Avocado Oil 250ml £6.49
Organic Kitchen
OL5200 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml) 250ml £2.90
OL5210 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) 500ml £4.90
OL5220 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1litre) 1litre £7.90
OL2000 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 litre £9.90
Prima Italia
OL5030 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml) 250ml £3.95
OL5035 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) 500ml £6.90
Rayners Essentials
OL1320 Hemp Oil (Nutritional oil) 250ml £5.40
OL1250 Olive Oil Greek Extra Virgin 500ml £7.30
The Cold Pressed Oil Co
OL1410 Rapeseed Oil 500ml £4.40
OL1420 Rapeseed Oil 5 litre 5ltr £23.40
OL1430 RapeseedOilwithRosemary&Garlic 250ml £3.50
OL1435 Rapeseed Oil infused with Chilli 250ml £3.50
The Raw chocolate co
OL1104 Cacao Butter 240g £6.65
Coconut Fats
OL1105 Coconut Oil 200g Jar 200g £4.10
OL1106 Coconut Oil - Mild Odourless 610ml £5.40
Organic Kitchen
OL1107 Coconut Oil 400g Jar 400g £7.50


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