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Pet & Wild Bird Products

Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Pet Foods and Nutrition
Cat Food
PT4100 Catch of the Day Fish Cat Food Tray 85g £0.80
PT4120 Whisker Lickin Chicken Cat Food 85g £0.80
PT4130 Lovely Lamb Casserole Cat Food 85g £0.80
PT4150 Fabulous Fish Dried Cat Food 200g £3.70
PT4160 Delicious Chicken Dried Cat Food 200g £3.70
Dog Food
PT4030 Wild Woodland Walk Dried Dog Food 1kg £7.60
PT4070 Cottage Pie - Single Dog Food Tray 150g £1.15
PT4075 Chicken & Turkey - Single Dog Food Tray 150g £1.15
PT4000 Chicken Treats for Dogs 60g £1.99
PT4040 Training Treats for Dogs -Cheese & Apple 100g £2.95
Rabbit & Guinea Pig
PT2397 Nuggets for Indoor Rabbits 1.5kg £3.80
ME9500 Pet Mince (frozen) 800g £2.40
Pet Bedding
Pure Pastures
PT2000 Barley Straw Pet Bedding app1kg £3.20
PT2050 Meadow Hay for Pets app1.5k £3.60
Soft Bedding
PT2070 Premium Softwood Bedding(approx 1.8kg) each £2.20
Pet Cleaning
Earth Friendly
HO4100 Stain & Odour Remover -Lemon pet 500ml £3.98
Wild Bird Food Products
PT2300 30 Fat Balls for Wild Birds (in bucket) 30s £6.90
My Pet
PT2360 Bird Food Feeder 2 Perch 8 inch each £3.20
PT2316 Dried Mealworms 500cc £2.90
PT2320 Black Sunflower Seeds kg £0.98
PT2325 Sunflower Hearts kg £1.50
PT2330 Niger Seeds kg £1.96
PT2370 Premium Wild Bird Seed kg £0.82
PT2380 Peanuts for Wild Birds kg £1.82
Suet to Go
PT2305 Berry - High Energy Suet Block 320g £1.30


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