Sunnyfields Organic Farms Ltd
Jacobs Gutter Lane
SO40 9FX

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Code Description Pack Price Quantity
Brockleby's Pies
Fruit Pies
PIE900 Claire's Apple Pie each £4.35
PIE920 Claire's Apple & Blackberry Pie each £5.55
Meat Pies
FR9050 Beef Steak & Beaver Ale Casserole 450g £3.90
PIE800 Longhorn Beef Pie each £4.90
PIE820 Wild Beaver Pie (Beef & Ale) each £6.35
PIE840 Free Range Chicken Pie each £6.70
PIE860 Wild Deer Pie each £6.86
PIE890 Summer Isles Salmon & Broccoli Pie each £7.25
PIE940 Moon & Blue Pie (small) each £4.50
PIE950 Moroccan Lamb Pie (small) each £4.40
PIE960 Chicken Little Pie (small) each £4.05
Vegetarian Pies
PIE980 Cheese & Potato Pie each £5.30
Clives Pies
Gluten Free
FR1296 French Cassoulet Pie (Frozen) 235g £2.96
FR1297 Homity Pie (gluten Free) - FROZEN 215g £2.70
FR1298 Lentil and Olive Pie - (gluten free) 300g £2.96
FR1299 Minty Chick Pea Pie (frozen) each £2.96
Wheat Pastry Pies
FR1280 Creamy Mushroom Pie 235g £2.74
FR1290 Hungarian Goulash Pie 235g £2.74
FR1295 Arabian Chickpea Pie 300g £2.74
Roy Hunt Produce
PIE300 Pork Pie - Small each £2.30
PIE310 Pork Pie - Large each £4.75
PIE330 Large Pie each £4.40
PIE360 Small Pie each £2.50
PIE385 Vegetarian Sausage Roll each £2.10
PIE390 Sausage Roll each £2.40


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